Artificial Skies

LEDEX Lighting Limited is an innovative, leading Irish company specialising in the latest and most energy efficient LED lighting on the market today. Our products include Artificial Sky Ceilings, Windows and Illuminated prints, as well as whole range of Smart Products and LED Lighting for domestic and commercial use.

Because we use the standard sizes of LED-panels, it’s very easy to install our designs or your custom designs into suspended ceiling grids.

Our Standard LED Sky Panels are the ideal solution on how to create a Virtual Sky Ceiling at an affordable cost. The standard sizes of LED-panels they are very easy to install into suspended ceiling grids or surface frames.

Our Artificial Windows provide the feeling of looking out at a beautiful breathtaking landscape. You can choose your own design or you can pick one from the range of our designs. They offer a very attractive and aesthetic appearance and provide auxiliary lighting function to any working or home environment.

Our Illuminated prints can be custom made to your own design, photo or print or you can choose from our stunning designs. All images have to be of high resolution quality and appropriate size to it’s use.


Having Artificial Sky ceiling panels installed has many more positive effects such as increasing the working efficiency in working environments and has mood uplifting effects.

It gives positive psychological effects as well as giving the room a decorative appearance. Moving the natures open air to indoors enables people to relax.