Artificial Skies

Custom LED Sky Panel



Custom LEDEX Sky™ Ceiling LED Light Panels.

LEDEX Sky™ are LED Panels with high-resolution photography of real sky views on acrylic panels that convey the color, scale and perspective of actual sky, which creates fake skylight on the ceiling surface.

Applying multiple sky ceiling tiles in groups, we created window in the desired dimensions. We provide choosing according to personal tastes with the visuals of various clouds and branches of trees. All our products are created based on your requirements in our workshop.

Ceiling LEDEX Sky™ cloud panels are highly preferred in offices, shops, hospitals, schools, sports halls, and fitness centres. It gives positive psychological effects during, a decorative appearance. Moving the open-air freshness given by nature to indoors enables people to relax. It has many positive effects such as increasing the working efficiency in working office environments. All our products have been tested for the European market.

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