Artificial Skies

SKY Cloud LED Panel 2D version, 60x60cms, 40W, 2 yrs warranty(set of 4)



LED SKY CEILINGS provide us with a crystal-clear image in an ultra-thin LED panel for a competitive price. The product is a visually attractive alternative to the usual dull white ceiling tiles we find in commercial buildings or office interiors.

Some of the benefits of choosing an LED SKY CEILING include:
   •    An improved mood from the use of light that mimics natural light.
   •    Alleviation of anxiety and stress due to the sense of outdoors.
   •    Catching the attention of visitors with a unique design feature.

By simulating daylight with the right LED panels and using realistic, high-resolution pictures, you will feel as if you are outside under a blue sky. The color hue of the LED panels matches with that of real daylight to give the impression of looking through a window.

With the standard formats, the ultra-thin LED panels are very easy to implement in a suspended ceiling. The standard cloud image can be swapped with a picture of your own or another of LED SKY’s crystal clear pictures.




   Color Temperature:6000K





   Warranty:3 Years

   Set: Take 4 units to make a large sky image in the square